Monday, March 7, 2011

 5 advantages of laser engraving

360Jewels offers custom engraving for our jewelry i.e. rings, pendants, earrings etc. We use "LASER" engraving which offers many advantages over "hand-stamped" engraving:

1) The finish is very neat, consistent & professional looking. Each letters is aligned straight. The letter is deeply engraved and each line is very sharp & clear. Symbols & numbers can also be engraved i.e. heart shape, star, etc.

2) Accommodate upto 25 characters or more!
3) Fit even a small surface area i.e. 1.5mm ring, tiny pendant, stud earrings, etc
4) We can engrave both on the inner & outer of the ring.
5) Great price! (However, we only provide this service for our custom make jewelry).

Check for products & engraving prices at our store

**Available in standard looking 'letter' font and 'script' font. The actual font on your order may be different from the font shown in below pictures.

Laser engraving on the inside of a diamond wedding band.

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