Wednesday, April 8, 2009

 {Inspired by} Feng Shui

I wasn't a believer in feng shui until I started to learn the science behind the art. The Ba-Gua Octagon is one of the tools used in feng shui to help determine preferred locations for certain functions in the home or business.

Picture of Ba-Gua

I wanted to design something that would bring the wearer continued prosperity in their business, health, family and friendship and thus the onyx octagon ring was the perfect concept. The onyx represents 'Yin' which is black, female, receptive, yielding, and nurturing. The number 8 is a prosperous number in the Asian culture since it stands for wealth and good fortune. This is another reason why I chose the octagon. And Finally, the onyx cabachons represents the four cardinal directions N,S,E,W which will navigate you to success.

May's Drawing

The prosperity ring was uniquely design with a blend of art and science. So if anyone is looking for some luck then this ring should do the trick.

From concept to reality : Work-in-Progress
Once my designs are are created on paper it's Belle's turn to source the stones and have them cut and polished. She will document the entire process so keep checking back for updates.

Step 1: Onyx "Rough Stone"
The stone looked just like charcoal! Rough & not shiny at all!

May's designs are usually unique and the stones required are not standard stock for gemstone dealers. In many cases, I have to purchase raw gemstones in bulk and have the stones cut in a particular shape and size to fit the design. For this prosperity ring, I wanted a center stone to be the perfect eye pleasing shape along with the right thickness.

Step 2: Shiny Onyx Gemstone!!
After the cutting & polishing, it becomes shiny & gorgeous!

The onyx turned out to be GORGEOUS!! OMG! This is so cute. The cabochon stones are perfectly sized and shaped!! However, the center stones did not turn out as planned. This is not unusual, and happens frequently as the gemstone cutter has his own 'imagination' of what the stone should look like. The design is so unique that the cutter always has a hard time understanding the brief. May & I decided to keep these 2 octagon stones for future use...maybe May can design a nice pair of cufflinks later! I'll keep you posted when the stone are properly cut.
This is another Fengshui style ring we made.

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