Monday, March 16, 2009

 {Inspired by} Vlad's purest love for his baby Julia


Do you know what pure love is? Last weekend I went to dinner and met up with a friend of a friend. I haven't seen Vlad and his lovely wife Malvina for more than a year and in that time they had baby Julia.

Throughout dinner I watched Vlad care for Julia and his eyes showed so much love for his daughter. Every words he spoke to her was filled with the purest love, the kind that only a dedicated father could give. His gesture touched my heart. Here is a man who would do anything to protect, nurture, and guide his first born daughter.

My inspiration for this pendant came from Vlad. The glass represents the invisible shield surrounding the most precious stones. The three stones 'play' within a set boundary. Each colored stone was chosen for their lucky properties.

Thanks to Vlad, Malvina, and baby Julia for inspiring me on what pure love is.

To see more pictures of this item, click here

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