Wednesday, March 31, 2010

 Jewelry Cloth : Clean Tarnish Silver

Jewelry polishing cloth is one of the supplies we use very often. We makes lots of silver jewelry both with and without plating. Overtime, the silver jewelry can become dull or tarnish. This is especially true for the unplated silver jewelry and the jewelry that you keep for a long time.

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Performance Test : Before VS After
We did a mini test with one of our unplated prototype 925 sterling silver ring. We kept this ring untouched for about half a year. There's a visible sign of tarnishing all over the piece.

We rub the ring against the cloth for about 3-5 minutes. Then we wash it with soapy water and the result is as shown in the picture. Since this ring is very grimy, the tarnish doesn't go away 100% after our first attempt but I think the overall look is much much nicer...almost like a new ring. The piece that is not as grimy should get a better result from this cleaning process.

However, please note that this ring surface is smooth so we can just rub it as hard as we want. If your piece is a non-smooth surface, you can't clean it as hard and the result might be different. **We don't retouch any pictures. What you see is what you get**

General Advice for Using Jewelry Cloth
  • Gently get rid of any dust on the surface before cleaning as dust can create scratch when you clean.
  • Gently clean your piece with the cloth. Follow the grain of your silver jewelry. This process can be long depend on how dirty your jewelry is.
  • Be extra gentle over the area with gemstones, enamel, etc as you don't want to get rid of those details.
  • Please aware that the matte jewelry can become more glossy as you clean it.
  • For the plated jewelry, cleaning with jewelry cloth can wear off the plating surface to be thinner. So just use the cloth as necessary to prolong the plating life.
  • Do not use rubber glove as rubber can cause tarnish. Use plastic glove is a good idea as it prevents your hand from contacting the chemical which might be irritable to you.
  • After you finish cleaning with the cloth, clean the piece thoroughly with soapy water to get rid of the tarnish & chemical residue.
  • Wash your hand with soap thoroughly. This is a very important step for your own hygiene & safety.
  • Keep out of reach of children. Store in a sealed container after usage. We hope this info will help buff up your grimy jewelry to become clean and pretty again :-)
This cloth is available in our Etsy store click here.
Or please simply email us at mailto360Jewels@gmail.com

**The above advice is just based on our personal experience and opinion. We are not responsible for any damages that might occur to your jewelry and any illness (e.g. irritation) that might occur from using this chemical cloth.**

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