Tuesday, December 8, 2009

 {Inspired by} an unconditional love

This lovely pendant is designed and made by a real story inspiration!

Mon amie (my friend)
One of my best friends comes from France. Like most French, she has good tastes in almost everything from fashion, to art, to wine, to chocolate, to coffee, and other finer things in life. However, what really attracted me is her very kind heart. She is one of the most compassionate and gentle women I've ever known. We've worked together and been friends since year 2004.

Unconditonal love is the inspiration

Early this year, one of her biggest dreams came true. She became a mom of 2 lovely twin boys. I saw her pampered her little boys very carefully with gestures of pure love since the days they were still in her tummy until they came out to see the beautiful world. That inspired me so much that I decided to design this pendant and make it for her.

Translation of my inspiration

Outer circle is smooth & plain similar to a wedding band to represent pure love.

The twin brothers are represented by the two square shaped (masculine) blue sapphires. The deep blue sapphire was chosen to represent a male color. The two stones are set inside of a circle to represent the circle of life (or mother's womb). The circular pendant is a symbol of eternal love flowing in an everlasting loop. The outer circle is smooth and plain similar to a wedding band to represent pure love. This pendant doesn't have a clasp because it would act as a barrier to the everlasting loop. It is worn by simply putting a necklace right through it and allowing it to hang naturally. This makes it the perfect symbol.

The unconditional love from a mother to her children is the greatest love of all. Don't you think?

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