Tuesday, March 9, 2010

 Where to buy mens earrings?

Not so many stores carry mens earrings. And the stores that carry them normally don't have so much selection. We've been making mens earrings for some times and therefore we decided to dedicate one of our etsy stores to be purely a store "for men". We hope you enjoy our wide selection. We actually have 2 main lines of mens earrings:

  1. Casual stainless steel mens earrings ("For Men" store)
  2. Luxurious elite mens earrings ("Elite" store)
Or visit our main store www.360JewelsMEN.com

Below are just a part of our large selection of Mens Earrings (Hoops & Studs)!

To buy our men's earrings, please visit one of our stores below:

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