Thursday, April 9, 2009

 About Us

360Jewels is an artisan jewelry brand founded by us, the two best friends, May Vat and Belle Chen in California in 2008.

Quick Facts:360Jewels is based in California. We design & handmade our jewelry based on love & passion. We create this blog to share our inspirations, tips, and secrets about our jewelry. Hope you enjoy our blog!Official Gallery www.360jewels.comPress & Recognitions www.360jewels.com/Press.aspx
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360 Degrees Authentic BeautyWe are called "360Jewels" because we stand for creating jewelry that looks like art from 360 degrees angles as we describe in this link. Every piece of our creation is excitedly pretty in every angle: front, side, back, edge, and sometimes even the inner ring! All-angle design reflects enthusiasm to induce creativity to the world and to satisfy personal pleasure of seeing beauty all around.

360Jewels stands for 360 degrees beauty

We stand for inner beauty, confidence, modesty, and passion. We hope that each person who comes into contact with us, will leave with a little bit of us in them.

We create our jewelry with love and passion.

We Value Genuineness and Creativity We only use real natural gemstones although, by nature, all natural stones contain certain flaws. Synthetic stones maybe flawless but we think it is less charming and doesn't contain authentic value.

360Jewels only uses "genuine" natural stones in all creations.

May designs all our signature collection. She has a strong talent in sketching the design that will best bring out the beauty of the gemstone as well as turn its natural imperfection into a "charming flaws"!

Do you "Hide or Display" your natural CHARMING FLAWS?
"The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw."
-Havelock Ellis (1859-1939)

Her principle is all human beings have flaws. We can choose to hide it or, more creatively, we can choose to respect the person we are and display our strengths and flaws harmoniously and confidently.

Our Craftsmanship
360Jewel's "Signature Collection" requires high precision and attention to detail from start to finish. Our pieces are beautiful in 360 degrees angle. If you are interested to see and learn how 360Jewels' ring is handmade, please follow this link.

This picture shows Silver Melting process.

360Jewels is still in its startup in this big big industry. We are grounded by our passion for what we do. Instead of being secretive about how we create our treasures, we are proud and excited about the opportunity to share our story and so that you can get to know us as "creators" and not just as another jewelry store.

We'd like you to know us as a 'creator', not just another jeweler.


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