Tuesday, March 9, 2010

 Best Jewelry Storage: Air-tight Jewelry Box

General storage tips that apply to most jewelry:

1) Always keep your jewelry in a cool dry place with low humidity. Also try to avoid temperatur
e fluctuation. This is especially true for jewelry that is mounted with gemstones which can be cra
cked withou a proper storage.

2) Always store your jewelry "separately". One of the most practical ideas (although not an ideal way) is to store your jewelry separately in a ziploc bag.

3) For silver jewelry, there are also simple tips to prevent tarnishig. Please read "5 Ways to Keep Your Silver Tarnish-Free" If your silver jewelry is already tarnished, you can clean it with a Silver Jewelry Cloth.

360Jewels offers an air-tight container which is made of high quality wood and lined ins
ide with a high quality thick off-white velvet. It gives a great protection to your jewelry as well as a luxury feeling. Most of our customers say "WOW" when they see it :-)

A beautiful air-tight wood box with a neat glossy finish. A piece of art by itself.

Great for a safe storage. Lined with off-white thick velvet. Works for both rings & earrings.

Flip this little flap and you can also store earrings...both studs & hoops style.

White paper box provided. Convenient for gift-wrapping.

This jewelry box is available in our Etsy store click here.
Or please simply email us at mailto360Jewels@gmail.com

Disclaimer: This article is only an opinion based on our best knowledge & experience only. We are not liable for any damages of your jewelry related to this advice.

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