Thursday, April 9, 2009

 Gallery Preview & Online Store

Please browse our "Signature Collection" below.
Our online store:
Currently, we are a member of an online marketplaces for handmade goods in USA, Etsy We're also selected to be showcased by many reputable websites.

Press and Recognitions to our designs:
We're young in jewelry world but proud to receive many praises & recognitions in such a short period of time. We're chosen by the website of Martha Stewart as official vendor!

Gallery Preview: Signature Collection

"Signature Collection" is pretty from 360 degrees views, making it an extremely unique jewelry. 360Jewels is a handmade jewelry brand which design is in contemporary style, and sometimes being referred as Renaissance Art. Visit our online stores above for a more detail description.

Spinner Ring

Amethyst Pyramid Treasure

Polka Dots:Original Version

Azure Pyramid Treasure

Renaissance Pole Amethyst

Polka Dots:2nd Edition

Peridot Princess Earrings 

"Love Shields" Pendant

Amethyst Princess Earrings

Princess Earrings: Assorted

We started off by creating gold jewelry and diamond jewelry. Now we expand to make more fashion jewelry utilizing silver. Our silver jewelry in 'Signature Collection' includes rings, earrings, and pendants. We also have inspirations and creative juices to design and make cufflinks, bracelets, engagement rings, and wedding rings. Please stay tuned to see more of our new arrivals!

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