Sunday, February 22, 2009

 What's behind our name, 360Jewels?

May, the designer and co-founder of 360Jewels started designing her own rings 10 years ago simply because most of the rings she found back then was pretty only from the front view.

May is a highly passionate person and that reflects in her rich design which makes our rings pretty from ALL 360 degrees view. She loves watching her ring when she wears it on her finger. So she thinks it's important that the ring looks beautiful from all angles. Yes, that's why we call it "360Jewels".

In this post, we feature our adorable and luxurious "Polka Dots Ring".

Front View
If you look into our featured collection, you will notice that 360Jewels uses "poles" and "dots" in many of our design. These elements become 360Jewels signature.

Wearing it on your finger, the front view of these two poles will define the line of your finger, while the round dots in the first column (emerald & ruby) will attract interest and spark curiosity from the ones who view it.

Side View
Twist your finger forward to the side, "Polka Dots" ring reveals the fun of the color combination as well as the luxury of the another two beautiful stones, Citrine and Blue Sapphires.

Top & Bottom View
The top and the bottom view are the "richest" views as you can see every color and every stone types used in this ring. In this view, you see 6 colorful dots are lying artfully along the curve of the ring. You can see a total of 5 colors (Orange, Green, Blue, Red, and White) and 5 stones (Citrine, Emerald, Blue Sapphires, Ruby, White Sapphires) in this view.

Back View
Even from the back view, you still can see traces of art from the poles and the side polka dots!

And...many more views
"Polka Dots" Ring was designed with a lively feeling. This may be the reason why this ring looks fun and lively in every angle.

360 degrees beauty
And this is why we are called 360Jewels.


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Belle Chen said...

This Polka Dots Ring is actually what we called "2nd Edition". Our 1st Edition was slightly different as the 'silver base' for the polka dots are quite shorter. We love both option though.

To see our 1st Edition, click >> http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=20800654

Feel free to drop us any comments!
Belle Chen